If I could go to a place I've never been before

There would be gold unicorn waiting at the door

That would be my transportation for the journey ahead

A road made of diamonds and pearls for me to be lead

The sidewalks made of rubies and the grass is translucent

Everything looks perfect there's no need for improvement

There'll be people that would greet me that will be happy to see me

They'll be flying down to bring me food for the evening

The sky is a huge rainbow that covers the land

And the sun that shines bright is in the shape of a hand

The water is liquid gold, I'll take a stroll on the beach

For what seems like a lifetime, here is really only a week

I could eat as much as I want and never gain a pound

There'll be a restaurant on every corner on the way to town

A magical world that seems fit for a kid

Nobody's there to remind me of the things that I did

Did I mention everybody's 18 years old

Including myself as we walk around in heavenly robes

Anything you can imagine exist here in this place

It never rains and there's no pain so there's no tears on my face

If I could leave here, it would be there you would find me

I would leave this filthy world and leave my troubles behind me

They would make me king, so this will be my final destination

If you want to come and visit, this poems your invitation

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