Utopian Dreams

Expose me to this Utopia.
Deal us our cards, who needs a choice?
Show me what it's like to live this life
where words never cut like a knife.

No hate crimes, no riots, no rebels.
Our diversity unites us,
being different becomes a plus.
We all live our lives, nobody dies
because I'm tired of feeling those tears in my eyes.

We need to start fresh, clear our minds.
If we all want more, nobody will be satisfied.
There will be nothing more to dream of but freedom.
Authorities can't control a society once glorified.
But lets set fire to society,
it only judges according to variety.

A life lived commonly is a waste, not living.
Nobody is special so that we can all be seen as equals.
When something goes wrong, everyone is forgiving.
Rid us of these mental illnesses.
Make us happy again, fix my sickness.
But I must halt my dream of this made up life.
I cannot wait until the day I become a narcissist's wife.

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