I've turned into another vacancy
A black hole of an odyssey of a past truth
Should I just be contempt with the falsehoods that remain?
I've been given to many chances
So many wasted
All I do to myself is extract my pleasure and destroy my future
My highest emotions pour away to reuse recycle and reclaim
why do I still feel so vacant?
But what I feel is that it's much easier to run
From what seems like a thousand guns
All taking the air right out of my lungs
I lead myself right into the maze
Lost in all the haze
And as I take another gaze
I see what was wrong in my ways
I just wish I could rewind and unwind
And then refine but I just don't want to get a remind
I'm digging out my grave
But I just see everyone else getting saved
In the end I walk alone along the line in the sand
Repeating myself over and over
Left to my own vacancy
Running around aimlessly
Left to painful results
And no one left to insult
I know it's vain, to hope for escape
It's an abyss with no loss or gain
And I just wait for the rain

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