Vain = Society

Drip, drop drip drop
the rhythm of the rain won't stop everything here is the same
and do i dare say that my soul will not be tame
the black and white street conversations are all the same,
with everyone you meet everyone seems to be a "plain jane"
and i will not be stuck on the this on going lane.
Most, if not all are fake
and i do say there is not much more i can take.
what happened to respect?to honesty, righteousness, and dignity
what happened to friends forever? (or even infinity?)
vanity is what happened and i tell you this is what i object.
i will not be like everyone else, do i make myself clear
i know how to tell the truth, and how to be a good friend.
i've made promise to ones i love,
that i'll be there until the end,
and as time goes on, this is what i fear
that things will get much worse,
and no one will see me for my real beauty.
some have said that my young personality is what makes me a cutie.
some say it's bad, i guess those people are just jealous
because they cant be their real selves
and thats what makes them mad.
guys always like the girls that are sexy and hot
i hate to burst your bubbles but that's not real beauty,
the guys who must think that must be doing pot
with their own definition of reality,
which is silly, and full of vain;
pure beauty is those,who've been through the most pain.
the world is my canvas and i will not be defined
and my true beauty is my ability is to speak my mind

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