Valcary: Blood Lust Enders

Blind to the sight of you cut through my mind to know myself to die for you burn for you fight for you. That I would do in rust dry blood as I write to you I am dead Rheden hiding in glue stuck by your side. This is your Lyuarisa, my strikes for you not out of demise stripe lines of cuts onto me drew. That I would try to connect us new meaning worth despondent for discernment to do given wash of dirty clothes.

Those away of the understanding not known a clue figure out to the hurt of our sleeping apart long days are nightfall. The souls away soon gone to long devout descending for many centuries not together we were alone.
They are still standing the enemy waiting after our separation to separate us as though he to come they come as one. Them and so we knew to find each other's countenance memory. It would be difficult milk steady on a spoon holding high noon morning sun. This is for both of us for such disappointment sought utterly reading the pages.

We resolved our bond dipped in a pond, to nothing solved with me dark frogs for you. I should keep my secret love enchant Harkiel That Bat in my fantasy only you Rheden Crow. I overtly touch your brown hair and red-orange eyes in dreaming imaginably the auburn skin of your touch. The caress of you to hold drastically sex passionate with me my hands graze your rubber skin, and buried with three angels of death we would kiss against.

Till death it be exposed by either you or me heaven see forces our fire rising up. It killed by each other or die with natural seek or by others who beat. In our final days there is no relief with grudges of our sharp teeth in love with you. I am forever to agree as you say to me but it is not.

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This Poems Story

Lyuarisa's perception of Rheden's absence to reunite once a bond to keep within her soul.