Valediction to

Valediction to..

Yet again nature sheds rain,
thunder and lightening strikes as they scream in pain,
the bell tolls the loss of tranquility,
mankind mourns the loss of humanity,
oceans deprived of water,leaves fallen from tree,
infinite hollow soul moves,gloominess hangs in the world are now set free,
dissimilar morning begin with mourning,
moral bankruptcy about to begin,
ethics and emotions already faded,
ones rich in prosperity but spiritually degraded,
where materialism,corruption,prejudice and ignorance at its peak,
the light has fallen asleep,
dead! abstract is no more,
she is alive! love is no more,
once her angel heart filled with love for me,
but now its demon heart has no love left for me,
funeral march on the death of my love begins!
yet again nature sheds rain,
in a vision I saw multiplicity of coffins,
humanity,ethics,wisdom,happiness lying in the wooden box,emotionless scream out in pain
funeral mass approached graveyard and sadness diffused!
earth sings the eternal melancholy song,where remaining happiness disguised,
human having eyes but blind,
a valediction to mankind,a valediction to mankind.

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