Days go by and they still ravage the land that we love.
Suited scoundrels stir the pot and crawl in our head.
Won't let us think for ourselves, we are slaves to them.
Tonight we are bound by love, tonight we awaken our minds.

Awaken your mind, get up and they will believe it.
A cognizance of what they have come to create.
We want to redesign, they need to realize.
This world through their eyes, is not what they see.

All they do is criticize what it is that they make us do.
Undo the chains design the world we want to live in.
All they do is criticize what it is that they make us do.
Turn the tables give them a taste of their own.

Valentine oh valentine, we take our world for the good.
Serpentine oh serpentine, we save your mind no don't beg forgiveness.
Valentine oh valentine, we've finally done it.
Serpentine oh serpentine, we will save you please believe this.

Creation of a world founded on knowledge and kindness.
Devoted to a world absent of greed and of hate.
We shall all be pacified never doomed to die.
My valentine, my serpentine, we all dine together.

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