valley of happiness

Nerves are shaking, minds are racing
As the test begins not the paper and pencils but the true kind
Does he think about you, will he say no in the end?
Pass the test and happiness you will find
But fail the quiz and your heart will break and tears start to flood
Your nerves are raking your mind is melting as you ask the one
1.As smile as you speak your heart will start to beat
2.He grabs your hand and starts to talk your head starts to go light
3.He lets go saying she’s the one and you will start to cry
Hold your tears and smile though because I know something you don’t
You see that boy over there, your best friend since the dawn of time?
He loves you with all his heart and never will make you cry
You have his heart now give him yours
He wants to take your hand and lead you to a place called valley of happiness
There you will see he loves you truly and will never let
You go don’t be scarred don’t turn away but even if you do
He will never leave
Love will never fade
He’s your one and will never go.

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