Valley Twenty-Two

I parted with self,
Somewhere in the midst of my silhouette
I float with words
And endless sentences,
I dance with the moonlight, to cries of my own.
Expressing hope that I can't hold. Wondering eye,
Trying to see where he goes?
I rise and fall, digging self deep into the roots of my liberty
What has happened to the rest of me?
My golden has been stripped away
My swollen dreams, I break through-
My style can't be framed, nor maintained
I've been shaken, caught me when I wasn't looking
I can't soothe these motherless cries
For her own, she must find
It hurts me that I'm just trying to survive
Chasing these loopholes:where did he go?
My God, his hands are so cold..
Had to be the voices that took control,"Flupio?"
Diving deep into these barricades, seeking restitution
Needing a solution for all the confusion
Fighting illusions!
I'll find you through all worlds that bind you
I won't allow anyone to absent-mind you!
Direct me, it's time to!

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