We are like stars
Jumbled up with millions just like us
Sometimes I feel invisible
As if the light from the others around me has blocked me out
As if I was never there
Sometimes the light of the others is painful
And for the split second in which you close your eyes
to block out the pain of the light
The star that was once there has suddenly disappeared
The star that was shining so bright
that you closed your eyes to block out its beauty
Is now gone
But many of us don't realize that the star has vanished
Delirious to what has happened
Still admiring the light
The light that blocked out so many others
The light that is no longer there
The light that is now in the past
Sometimes it is hard
Accepting that the past is over with
And facing the future
And the scariest thing about the future is change
And the cowardly who are afraid of change
The ones who only look on the outside
As if to protect themselves from the pain of change
Often miss things
Great things
Like the fact that you have vanished without a trace

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