Vanished Memories of Time

My dreams are but a mist lying dormant within my mind.
I feel frozen in time.
Down in the depths of my darkened soul remains a hole.
My tears have drowned my heart.
As I lie upon the quiet cloud of cold dark silence,
My breath is shallow, as I die slowly.
My flesh is rotting and my bones are decaying.
Look upon my soul to see the real me-
The me that has been hidden deep down.
I have lived in the deepest, saltiest seas.
I travel a road full of thistles.
Run, run, just as fast as I can!
I feel the wind brushing against my skin.
The sand is blinding my sight.
This unknown darkness consumes my flight.
My thoughts are unconsidered and so I have withered.
I look up and see the stars so high and I sigh.
I am in awe, as I saw your mighty hand reach down.
You carried me away into the world of the unknown.

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