Little hour of mine tingles me bye in stupor of ecstasy
waking out of slumber with heavy feet and dim eyes for
wellbeing of children sake, I had to work in all season
uncertain of what tomorrow hold in despair acquired
hope, faith and fate justify the end meet with labour

Does over bearing struggle worth the while of pains ?
when the flesh is a good feed for the termites beneath
what benefit is the body to the soul in eternity void,
what is the worth of your Bitcoin on earth and gains?
do you affect the lives of others negatively otherwise?

Though, the children appreciate your struggle efforts
they could see, feel and understand your plight of hope
the legacy leaving behind are huge to bear of praise
but little can they strive beyond their comprehension
hoping for a reminiscence of your wondrous deeds

But wait, above all your candid efforts and sacrifices
to see both ends meet at a center point of virtue,
tell me struggle, why the agitation to scorn ?
does the struggle worth the while In forlorn hopes?
when no surety to better end in vanity

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