What's the first thing you would want
someone to notice about you
What's the last thing you would say
about yourself that no one knew

Would you be slow to pull out a picture of that shining moment
that has your most perfect look forever frozen in time
Would you be quick to hide the memory of that dark instance
when you acted ugly without any reason or any rhyme

Do you rarely remember how you were
Lookin' good
soundin' sweet
Struttin' thru the neighborhood

Do you often forget how you were
Lookin' bad
talkin' tart
Creepin' thru the neighborhood

Always wanting the best part of you to be seen
never mentioning those times you were unclean
Always presenting yourself in a favorable light
never speaking on those times you were not right

Acknowledging your flaws and imperfections
isn't something that comes naturally
But if you're searching for a spiritual connection
use the lamp of grace and humility

Then stand very close and gaze real hard
into the untinted mirror of your soul
Just don't be shocked at what you might see
that the beauty of living is simply growing old

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