Vatican fountains

Drought? Scarcity? Lack?
What is the difference betwixt them all?
The waters have refused to rush out of the taps
And even the rain seems to have vowed not to fall.
The land has grown so sturdy
The spades and shovels now crying out in despair
Even the swamps are not at any rate muddy
The men have all joined in the cry out of fear.
The fountains have ceased to pour out its endless beautiful water
The oceans seas and rivers seem to be drying up so fast
The confusion is the question if nature is still a living mother
For the situation in Italy is that you can hardly get water free at least a glass.
A cup of water now cleans neatly a score plates,
A drop of water is now able to quench a day long thirst.
A ten litre bucket of water can clean up a dozen clothes with none left to waste
But when you lack water, getting a little is like embarking on a quest.
Oh great and honourable Vatican
Has your fountain also ceased to flow?
This is indeed a big problem to the Italians
And the cause of this problem many don't know.
Let's make a prayer on behalf of our sister Italy
Let's pray that their waters be restored
The Vatican fountain which ceased to flow has made history
We pray that water flow again that there'll be no room for it to be stored

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This Poems Story

The Vatican began turning off its fountains due to an ongoing drought in Italy. This spring has been Italy's third-driest in 60 years, and the lack of rainfall has cost the Italian agriculture sector nearly 2.3 billion dollars. The Vatican has approximately 100 fountains, some of which are considered artistic masterpieces.