Nature’s eye to contemplate your ambiguous guise
Through a palpable veil that reflects your conceit
Broaden your thinking, shed your ego and be wise
Curb the return of your venomous hateful deceit
Why involve innocents in your disgraceful defeat
When false emotions, storm the face as a tide
Reveal all evil intentions, fail all devices to hide

With long cunning boasts, prey those with enterprise
To grow in an endeavor, they curiously participate
Ruined turn by turn, who blindly followed your advice
At the height of jealousy and tremendous hate
Witness human wisdom diminish at an unwitting rate
O, man! Precisely you chose occasions to preside
Cornered so well, none could escape, had to abide

Preyed upon fair humans with meticulous pretensions
Thwarted their indignation with your evil bait
Attempted none to conquer, plain devious intentions
Let fate act for them, hung their cautious wait
To pour a decision, Nature is never so late
Close on the heels of those with evil deception
Declare an end to corrupt human perception

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