Canals twisting and turning
Land masses splattered in the ocean
Streets splaying out
Deafening silence
Plumed masks glitter in shop windows
Long, hooked beaks
Staring into eternity
Gondolas, sleek and black
Glimmering with golden decorations
Cut through the green, silent water without disturbance
Brightly colored flowers spill over balconies
Reaching for the earth
Buildings, tall and long
Loom over the ground, trying to crush the streets
Small tables
Vacant and inviting
Sit on the cobblestones
The moon glows above
Casting an eerie light over the city
Bleaching the world
Softening sharp edges
A cross atop a tower
Remembers the times of hardship,
Forgives those who have done wrong,
And provides a safe place for those in pain.

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