Venus Unveiled

Oh love, to see her in all her glory,
as if opening your eyes for the very first time
to a beautiful spring day.
The breeze from her whispers fragrances of lilies and lilacs.
To hear her voice is as if the robins were singing
their praises to the heavens.
As she moves closer, your heart flutters rapidly
like the wings of a hummingbird in search of sweet nectar--
when finding it, savoring every sweet, supple drop.
Laughing hand in hand I scribe our names in the sand
thinking this will be forever.
I have unveiled Venus in all her glory.
But as suddenly as it came,
the tides turned and the ocean washed it all away.
The waves come and go erasing the scribe I thought would be forever,
leaving me to stand alone in the dry, weathered sands of time,
two souls torn apart leaving a void that seems endless in my mind.
As the souls move they grind and shift
like the tectonic plates of the earth,
Releasing tremors of jealousy, disconnect, and disparity.
Waves of insecurity, want and desire come crashing in like a tsunami,
leaving to waste all we had built in such a short time,
like a Midwest tornado wiping clean the slate.
I sat down shattered, torn, and confused in the mess.
I decided to put the veil back on Venus for now.
Her beauty is too much for me to have taken in all at once.

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