Verbal Sustenance

Love me from the inside out, caress my brain and call to my soul as
we get lost in stimulating intellectual exchanges of orgasmic verbal
foreplay giving to and getting from one another what we require for
constant audible accentuation to the metaphysical magnetism that
draws us closer to the pinnacle of punctuated, plausible passion
pervading our every fiber.
Our tongues dance with one another in heated exchanges of
verbal communication feeding one another with saturated
pleasantries and exotic, forbidden euphemisms we intentionally
incorporate into our reflections of the present that we share which
elevates us to the poetic peak we now pervade after hours of
unending elocutions proclaiming our unity to the world.
You make me better with your words and you fed the hunger in
me when you saw me struggling with questions having no
Riddle me this, you said, and took me by the hand engulfing me
tenderly in the intellectual appeasement needed to calm my nerves.
When I was lost in the jungle of contemplative skepticism you
ushered me into the dawn of finding my way to the sound of your
voice around each corner echoing in my limbs.
This mutual metaphorical musical of the minds leaves me
breathless and I lift my hands to your mouth for the manna that
sustains me.
Sing syllables to my heart as I slowly surrender to gentle, sweet

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