Verisimilitude in Contradistinction

It’s alone but not lonely.
It’s alive and truly living.
It’s not trusting evil lives.
It’s not telling vile lies.
Welcome to my blank interlude!
It defines my frank fun solitude.
It sees a sequel, a sequence too absent.
It’s seas a sequel, a sequence to apt sense.
It is not quite parallel with linearism.
Thus, it forgoes linearity and parallelism.
Its humility is pulchritudinous;
Mindfully, illustratively, illustrious.
It’s not beguiling like pride;
Monotonously, blatantly, blind.
It is a camaraderie of commotion
and a cacophony of silent motion.
It is an orchestral spectrum
with original momentum.
Adoration meshes all quantum to quantity
and maybe a conundrum to quality.
It has wonderful sounds of colors
and colorful sounds of words.
Maybe like the heart in the earth,
my life’s metronome is my epitome?
Maybe like hearth with heart and earth,
my life’s metronome starts and ends with me.

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