Vernal Equinox Of The Heart

Her vision once again twisting in my mind
Light and darkness equilibrating within time
Dreams blossom in the night when I close my eyes
Morning sunlight violently whispers, it's all lies
Candles are burning hopes, flickering in the wind
Stars are light wishes, telling you to rescind
When now meets forever
When tomorrow becomes never
A shimmering beauty was liberated from the under-world
An unforeseen hope was unleashed into the world
Angels singing her name
Demons torture your brain
Sleepless nights, relentless fights with your "must" and "want"
For what is forbidden vanishes with the morning dawn
And words become silent, shivering bodies lying naked in the sea
And in your dreams you ask the oracle, "Is that what you really see?"
And till the summer comes, equinox becomes eclipse
An irresistible urge to touch her lips
It is the summer eclipse of the heart
A divine inmost power drives her will
Now her eyes are sparkling with weal
It is the summer eclipse of the heart
Ocean dissipates its ripening breath in their flesh
A sultry air penetrates with ferocity their chest
And as love progresses, and the moment becomes eternity
Winter casts its ray-less veil, reminding them their mortal vanity
And lovers are condemned to follow the vicious cycle of Earth
6 months of life and 6 months of death
It is the winter solstice of the heart

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