Life has number of twists and turns,
All have to blindly run,
Anyone who is left behind
Is considered nothing but a useless mind

People never think twice
Before judging and giving a shitty piece of advice
Crying on the failures is just a mere excuse
“You are not good for anything in life”, parents rebuke .

It is not the end like it seems to us
It isn’t late to catch the bus
But time to clear the fuss

It is the time to go for a fresh start
Learning and improving the mistakes of the past

Life is simple and extraordinary
One little failure is no reason to worry

Some people intentionally or unintentionally demotivate
But tell yourself “Life was great. Life is great. Life will be great.”
As life is full of ups and down and never straight
And remember it’s never late

Life is a game
Of passion, money and fame
Don’t be scared to follow your heart
Always be confident that you are smart

Looking at disappointed faces, don’t have regret
Because sooner or later they all forget
Life of people is too busy to hold on to others matter
They have offices to handle and bosses to flatter

At times some remarks seem very demeaning
No one knows how much you are weeping
Who is anyways bothered about it?
So just sit back and relax
Don’t care about scores of Alex or Max

Go to a bakery and have a pastry
As it is the only remedy to set your thoughts free

Failures are important to give you a setback
Don’t think and get scared believing that there is something you lack
Face the fear and show it your back
Enjoy the jaw dropping of Mr. fear at your epic comeback

All this while parents are supportive like a crutch
No matter what, they love their kids very much
I wonder what material has god used to make them such

Whatever difficult situation you are in
They sense it before anyone can think
That is what makes it a special link

Giving up is never the right solution
Whether it is an exam, game or any relation

Just remember you are no less than others
Only because you are not achievers like your brothers?
Don’t limit your boundaries to a certain extent
Prove it, so you have nothing to repent

Find who you are
Be different from what others are
Big mansion and stupendous car does not make a star

Follow your passion
With positive aggression
Burning desire and fire in heart
Is definitely a great start

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