Vice Versa

Can you blame a woman for wanting to be loved? Hopping from boy to man just needing a quick hug. Many rather be showered by the love of money..Some looking to fill that empty hole in with care , sex, self esteem or just a shoulder to lean & the nonchalant guys thinks it’s funny. To play with your tenderness while leading you on not tripping about you or your feelings they use to hearing majority of the ladies cry that same old sad song. “ I’ve been hurt , my daddy wasn’t there for me & all I know is pain,pain,pain”. Well , He wasn’t born to carry his heart on his sleeve but it has effected him the same damn way ...a rolling stone of a father while mother barely there due to long working hours just to take care... take care of household needs & a family of three unable to teach her little boys growing into men how to treat a woman with emotional needs. Not only emotional needs but how to provide when it’s that time to survive ..he had to teach his self how to become a man , a man with a plan while trying not to get knocked down , a man who’s saving while investing in something the world will forever need thinking to hisself “someday I’ll have my own kids so I can teach them the same things , the things my dirt bag of a father didn’t teach me”

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