Vice Versa

For everything beautiful, true, and wise
there is its partner ugly, false, and lies
we can not laugh, without knowing pain
nor appreciate sunshine, without any rain
for every bad, there is good
for every mystery, someone understood
for every pain, there is good health
for every homeless, someone drowns in wealth
for every up, there is a down
for every country, there is a town
for every smile, there is a frown
for every doctor, there is a clown
for every mother, there is a father,
to make us all sons or daughters
for every whisper, there is a Shout
for every in, there is an out
for every life, there is death
that we all, will be left with.
Happiness is in your heart
you need to know its true
it isn't in someone else
it's oh so easy to do
If you have faith, and simply pray.
You just let God have His way.
Be happy where you are and
with what you have today,
or you will be disappointed
when you could have it all your way.

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