Vices Verse Her

The struggle everyday of my life occurs mentally
I do not want to turn out yall lights
With my lyric leaf
The way my words fall on your mind could cause Jeopardy
Have you asking who is? what is?
in strife
From my complexities

Complex way im perceived,
unclear way im pixeled
Direct line from string, to cup to get through
Leaving no room for miscommunication cause
im open with my truth, considerate til im blue
if im a friend to you

They dont hear me unless my actions mirror dog, chick
Bringing the bone right back
Im asking who you playing with
They covering up the facts
I dig em up and lay it here
Since yall didnt like the class
I switched it up and barked again
Have a couch right fast, Get comfy

Trying to be a lady yet they want the savage in me
I think it drives them crazy
Then they mad they head is dizzy
I see they call me champ,The goat,
its feeding time, Whether vice or versa, i have that chameleon side
Blending quietly, behind my ammo i reside

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