Everything I see around me is in a disarray,
I wonder, "When will the bad man go away?"
Mommy's gone, so I sit at home playing my favorite song.
At first it was all cool, he kept asking me if we could "chill" after school.
See I did stupid things looking for love & acceptance,
My friends were out doing the do screaming, "Girl, you better please your boo!"
I was young & dumb, unknowingly thinking that he was the "One."
He wanted to chill & I had some time to kill,
Didn't know that this thrill would soon turn into something unreal.
I was fighting back as soon as he locked the front door,
Screaming loud didn't help, begging, crying "No!" only made him try more.
Praying it would end, wishing we never even began.
I'm sitting at home with tears down my face,
All because I became a victim of rape

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