As I wave my hand,
To bid goodbye to my mother,
My knees will kneel in sand,
And cries like a helpless daughter.
I don't want want to go to school,
My schoolmates will just make me fool,
Just for wearing my thick eyeglasses,
I will hear their painful bashes.

They're treating me so bad,
For being the child of my dad,
I can't buy those expensive staffs in set,
They hate me for being a littleteacher's pet.
Yes, I'm a victim of bullying,
Where I am the center of their game,
They always left me crying,
Their happiness is to put me in shame.
Their sweet smiles are my tears,
Their joy is what I fears.

My misery is their happiness,
But that's what made me reach success.
I made their acts my motivation,
Not a hindrance of my ambition,
Now here I am a successful woman,
Was a victim who grows as an independent woman.

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