victim of love

Fixing a broken heart is easier said than done because the world doesn’t understand completely how a person feels. When they are lied to and betrayed by the one person they thought they would share their life with. Only to find out they were just another prize to be won.
By the game of love that was played. Only to make them look like a fool in the end. Remembering every fake I love you that was said. Wanting to shed tears of pain and asking why do you lie to me? Causing a heart to be broken and leaving another victim of love.
Trying so hard to fix what’s left of a life you have now. Finding time has not been kind to you. Wondering why in the world has God caused you so much pain? When all you ever asked for was love and to be accepted for who you are.
So what happens now that you’re left with picking up pieces of your life? Being filled with anger and hate towards everyone who tries to get close to you. Knowing you could play the game with their heart and head. Passing along the pain that was dealt to you. But would it be fair to break another heart and cause another victim of love. When their only crime is trying to love you.

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