my body was not your canvas
I didn't let you win
I would never give you that satisfaction
you don't deserve it
what you did can somehow be forgiven
but it will never be forgotten
I will forever have the scars to prove it
you did me wrong and live with no consequence
you let me suffer in silence
and for that you know your worth
nothing but a disappointment
I will forever be enraged with this outcome
but I did everything in my power to make sure you get what you deserve
unfortunately after what you did
nothing can ever be made right again
I will never be the same
but maybe you wont either
so I guess this is for the better
you could never even begin to imagine the pain you caused me
and not just me but the girls before and god forbid the girls after me
I don't think you even realize the infinite amount of wrongs you put on us
fear devours me in ways it never has before
I'm afraid to be where I once fell in love with
and for that I hope for the day they say he's been buried six feet under
physically you were set free without charge
but mentally I hope the stories make you sick to your stomach
the least to say I hope you die a lonely man
and oh what a lonely man you'll be when someone learns of your past
I hope I put a stop it
everyone was too scared to speak up
but when it was my turn in time I had never been so open
I sit here hoping you learned the slightest bit
of what its like to be a genuine human being
but as you should know by now
what comes around goes around
and your rumors have made their final lap
no one is amused
no one can even believe a word that escapes your bitter mouth
I thought I did my part
now you have to do yours
but maybe your time is still coming
maybe your fate is an unfortunate accident
so while your carelessly living
ill be waiting all my life
to hear that yours was taken
and when you find your way to the fiery gates of hell
I hope your struck with unlucky fortune
and maybe that will make my pain a little more bearable
but until then I'm pierced with a permanent burden
ill be patiently waiting for the day I can return to my former self
and may you fear the rest of your worthless time of your feet on solid ground
because soon you'll be buried under civilization
sincerely, your victim

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