We get bullied till it hurts,get made fun of, get treated like dirt.
Remember when nobody cared, when we shared, now its just unfair.
Stupid, unable. Just a few words we hear every day,
Just leave me alone, okay?
Idiot, moron, loser. I answer to all.
I usually eat my lunch in a bathroom stall.
I will fall and trip.
Get pushed and hit.
On the ground I lie,
Trying so hard not to cry.
My confidence has ran, for I don't have one fan.
Smothered in shame, these beasts can't be tamed.
I can't deal with this, can't be thrown another fist.
Killed with hate,
Because I get made fun of for my weight.
Would anyone care if I was gone?
If I wasn't here every dawn?
I am just another victim.

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