Victims of sexual abuse

The horrible sensation,
Makes us want to hide,
Some may of started when they were children,
It is why, their world collide's.

Some may of begun, a little older,
That does not reduce the pain,
While slowly it seems as if hearts become colder,
It even could make one go insane.

People don't know how much it hurts,
Only with the knowledge of what they hear,
We suffer because one is a little too perverted,
So then, we live in fear.

It almost seems acute,
Pain that is very strong and sharp,
We would not say a word, become mute,
Slowly being destroyed part by part. 

Some scream until they cannot,
A few attempt to shout, 
Strangely no sound comes out,
A little cant help but pout.

It is unendurable,
Too unpleasant & painful to bear,
In the end we start to loose our moral,
Then we start to wounder if someone actually cares.

The solution of the majority,
To relive the tension & sadness,
Is to cut and make themselves bleed,
It helps feel a little less anxious.

It is only within us,
That we will find the strength,
To pinpoint a way to fight the madness,
Searching for a speck of faith.

We are able to fight this war,
Find the force in your heart,
Look deep down inside to the bottom core,
It will give you the energy to re-start.

That what you were searching for,
To be relived and feel free,
Open the closed door,
It will begin to be okay, you will see.

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