Victor 2

There's nothing more to special,
than jotting pen to paper,
the artistic form of releasing ones data.
Personal or professional,
which ever one you wrestle with,
let it be known the receiver will sure benefit.
written from the heart, this special form of art,
has its own meaning beaming through the dark.
Beaming through the dark, is another form of art,
it's telling its own meaning.
Be it as its known, another poets art,
the writing of a shooting star.
What i'm trying to say,
is that hopefully one day,
I shall have a star that's beaming.
But my shooting star -just like every other star,
will be beaming its own meaning.
Victor I am sorry, for all the extra bother,
and sickened with the horror.
Horrified then petrified,
as this was just unjustified,
yet not seeing - there's my petrified.
Victor I apologise, as now I see your petrified,
that soon one day - and justified,
that soon one day that I may die...

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This Poems Story

This poem was written to my support worker apologising for my lack of communication, as I was unalbe to explan how feel, giving the impression of unwillingness. After being able to find a way of communicating (through poem), I was able to express something to him in a way I never thought possible. Poetry has helped me in a way I never could imagine...