Victory Shall Be Mine

As I stare into the sky,
I find myself wondering,
Why am I filled, with so much pain?
What do I have to live for?
What do I have to gain?
Trying to figure out,
What it was that I've done,
Steady running the street's,
Loosing two daughter's,
And a son,
They'll be alright,
That's what I use to say,
Till I saw their reaction,
At the visit that day,
Falling to my knees,
Praying to the lord above,
To teach me how to change my life,
And show me how to love,
I never knew,
My life would change so fast,
If I wanted a better tomorrow,
I had to stop living in the past,
Step by step,
Day by day,
One thing at a time,
Then one day,
You will see,
Victory shall be mine.

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