Victory: We will overcome any struggles and our history is proof.

Just fought the battle with hand made swords
But as we fight, we open new wounds.
We gain knowledge and practice with skill.
When we win,
Or at least achieve what victory offers,
We are struck with new challenges.

The tiresome wave that calls to peace,
the heat we will feel once glorified.
the great and victorious once said,
that glory is taken with sacrifice and work.

We are humans,
with shallow capabilities,
But we dream and desire
That is what makes us grow.

Songs sang to praise,
so you must finish the last ride,
you, no WE, are capable of winning victory
Then and only then
will you be crowned with jewels of gold
that mark our growth and victory
through the many struggles of life.

Just remember the great war,
We WON and the jewels you hold are proof.
Just like gold we last,
And shine forever.

WE will win again! so look back and remember the feeling of glory
Because the pit and struggle you are in will fade.
You will prosper again

Raise the sword you carved with blood and tears
For those sacrifices will not be in vain.
Rise again and receive the gold
This is your winning so hold it high
Let the light be seen from afar
And be a guide to us all.
We will prosper and follow the lights guide,

We are now and forever the glorified!

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