I was once put on the path of perfection
But somewhere lost direction
My life's no easy question awaiting an answer
I'm always on the spot
Expectations of hitting the block
Where all the tricking tends to flock
Or smoke and drink until my bloods intox-icated
I'm sure it would make you pushers elated.
To see a girl turn whore,
Dissipated and degraded,
Once cloth in gold; stripped naked.
I can't stand it,
My life is full of nothing but grave robbers and bandits.
And now y'all mad for me being a bit candid?
What would you expect me to lie or wait till I get ready to die
and watch me cry as my life flashed before my eye.
Closing my lids, trying to embrace that last hit.
Loosing feeling; no will, or reason to react.
Watching my vein pulsate under the needle
where my arm is strapped.
All for a few moments of peace, but then I come right back.
To that same pusher man, on the same block, with the same "best rock"
All it takes is one stop to be stuck on the block
Where all the tricking tends to flock,
Smoking and drinking until your blood's intox-icated.
Top of my class from the school of "Me",
so I hope my words are valedictory.
And for the continuing class of 2016,
continue on your road until your soul reaches its victory.

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