Victuuri is you and me

I'm your Victor and you're my Yuri
with your wonderful eye's
and amazing Beauty
you're the one who stood by me and didn't judge
even when I had lost every one
you're the one who makes me smile
even when I'm in denile
and when I saw you that very first day
I knew that my feelings for you would never fade
It makes me sad when you say that you ugly and fat
because that's the biggest lie that's ever been told
even bigger then one more episode
so here let me come out and say it
I LOVE YOU and don't you forget it
from me to you you'll always be mine
I know its a bit late but will you be my valentine?

this is a poem I wrote for some one who has hepled me out alot and she lives in North Carolina.

I am Bi deal with it.

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