Vietnam aftermath-Discerning wisdom

A bold move that we had to behold,
A thankless job is what we were told;
To fight the Vietcong in their habitat of old.
In spite of the dilemma of treatment and neglect,
And the failure to garner the elusive respect,
Nevertheless, we were destined to always protect.

Now being observed in the aftermath,
Reflective on hurt and pain to overcome the task.
To embrace pain and glory to discern comfort and hope,
In the midst of despair to garner healing and to cope.

It was a tumultuous journey at best,
To deal with unmaginable obstacles of obstructions,
During that most inpossible strident of the quest.
The focus today is the ode of the by gone test,
While striving to achieve the ultimate success.
Amid the trodding of being faithful and steady,
The conscious thought of free will mind,
To stay, 'on-point', be resolute, tenacious and ready.

In the end, a distilling moment to digress,
To seize the moment to be in the memory of the moment,
Serves to fority and augment the values of the test

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