View from the Backseat

As I look at the view from my rearview mirror as an adult,
I drift back to my childhood and my view from the backseat.
My view from the backseat was of highways leaving town
one highway after another. White lines, double lines,
yellow lines, ten, twenty, thirty, one hundred, a thousand,
one after the other taking me away from what I knew to the unknown.
Taking me away from my childhood friends never to see again and
taking me to my new best friends of limited time.
One line followed by the next taking me away
out of town and a life left behind viewed from the back seat.
I have counted many white lines in my life.
Counting the ones in front leading me
to my next new beginning and counting
the white lines behind taking me away from my old new beginning.
One town after the next and many white
lines, double lines and yellow lines
in between and viewed from the back seat.
Never knowing what's ahead
but always knowing what is left behind.
Now that I am an adult, I choose the highways of my life,
but as I look at the white lines in front of me,
I remember all the white lines behind me: ten, twenty, thirty,
one hundred, a thousand--all viewed from the backseat
always moving me forward.

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