View From the Bench

In a room full of people, but yet I'm all alone
With no one around that knows the pain I hold
The demons inside, they consume my soul
And hold on tight, no matter how much I grow
All it takes is one slip, one tiny flaw
To cause the structure I've built, to crumble and fall
I know before I walk, i must first learn to crawl
But once I start running, i always hit that wall
The one after the sign that says "dead end turn around"
The one that, to me, didn't even mean slow down
I just kept truckin', not realizing that now
I'm back where I started, without solid ground
How much longer can i possibly hold my breath
If i make it out alive, where would I go next
Will I choose right where I once chose left
Or will I take that familiar path towards death
I'm sure I'll go right, upon realizing im blessed to be
The only one, that can create my own destiny
So why not do it, I'll just embrace the change
I'll pocket my pride, i can do away with shame
Don't worry about me hurting, i can deal with pain
"hey coach, I'm ready, put me back in the game!!"

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