Being born person of color
We can’t control who our parents are
How we are created
Or what race and gender we end up
But being born a person of color you already have a strike to your name
Add female on top of that strike two
Being born a person of color wasn’t our choice
But it’s how god decided to make us
God decided to make us these wonderful people who fight for what’s right
Fight for the freedom of one another
We were born to change the next generation
Everyday we fight for our lives doing basic things
People of color live day by day in fear not knowing what someone might do or say
Wondering is this my last day on earth or do I get one more chance
These people say all lives matter
Because they haven’t lived a day in our shoes
They don’t see the struggle that we see
If they understood what we go through they would understand why we are fighting
Fighting to stay alive so we can see our kids grow up
Fighting so the next generation doesn’t have to go through the same issues
The civil rights movement just carried over
It’s not hard to see that
But some people choose to act blind
We as people were born to fight for our freedom
Never quitting until we make our ancestors proud

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