Life is real! I've screamed, at dreams, caught, in my, young mind, show time, beyond, the blind, thoughts, of rhymes! People dead, at a, young age, will create, a maze, of blazing, faith! I have, dreams, because, I, need to! I uplift, people, because I, have to! One voice, may help, a choice, that's broken, with, no hope! Jesus lives, in me, because, off, his mercy, not mine! I couldn't change, the outcomes, unless I, belived! People's perception, are what, they believe! I can only, lean, to the better, side, of me! One choice, could save a life, in more way's than one! I'm lucky, to have, a family, that prayed, for me, in more, way's than one! The road, to darkness, is paved, with sin! I reach, for better! If even, through death! The song, that, I sing, is greater, than me! His grace, sustains, me, not even, my choices, are, the best, throughout, my, story! The thing, I'm most, of, is greater, then me!
By©Devon Bates2017

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