Vigilant Dreamer

I sit buried in the sand, eyes closing, opening, and closing again,
synchronized to the heartbeat of the waves,
as they crash down before me in slow motion.
I'm inhaling and exhaling the air around me as deeply as I can,
as if it will be the last time that I will breathe.
My lungs are beginning to fasten,
and it feels as though they're trying to swallow the rest of me,
as I stare with awe
at how the shadowy figures in the distance
move so calmly across the earth,
obliterated in sunlight, and submerged with freedom.
Oh how I long to be a shadow, floating against the earths feet,
catching stars on my finger tips and storing them in my chest.
But tonight I'm laying beneath a wooden sky,
with wooden air on either side, and wooden grass beneath my feet.
Tonight the earth misses having me by her side.
She misses the feel of my skin against hers,
and I miss how her winds would always sing me to sleep.
How I wish I could swallow the sun,
and walk a mile against the beautiful grass stained floor,
with my footprints pressed against hers.
Marveling to the trees how wonderful it is,
that we are all together, under the same splintered sky.

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