He was not striking when we first met

he was faking not noticing me at a dinner,

only to gauge my intellectual acumen

for he was astutely a sapiosexual

A suitor, rather charming, found me alluring

he rushes over to quell such lofty ambitions

by feigning, ‘Are you cheating on me, Darling?’

I blushed with embarrassment for his

deception to win my heart was appalling

We shared a cab much to my annoyance

only to offer my cheek as payment for his insufferable toying

he kissed me on the lip, feverishly, devouring my lips and tongue

the kiss lingered long after I threw him out

with just a 10 minute lips, tongue and neck triathlon

Strong minded and daring, he was at my door at two

begging for a view or smooch whichever thrills

I relented for his kissing had remarkable skill

we succumbed to domesticated bliss with

lunch made, kisses on the forehead and drop offs at work

To capture the heart of a Viking

one would need to converse with his demons

we both had many and reasoned not to disclose

sooner or later we crumbled due to distrust

and ended, both crushed

six months of intense preoccupation

of all sensory receptors ranging from

laughter, happiness, joy and playfulness

to You before me, I was empty

not a quarrel did we air as to be apart

would be too painful to bear

Three years apart is too long to despair

I can’t help but reminisce over the Viking

I surrendered my heart to

In the utter silence of my slumber

on my phone , a message appears

‘Blocked for the 150th time’, the Viking texts

only to vex me into responding

Respond I shall with an arsenal of rather

harsh accusations and insinuations

Let’s see who emerges as victor

for this Queen does not need a King!

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This Poems Story

Niclas Nielsen...the Viking forged in adversity, I met on the steps of Marina Yacht Club