Vile Snow

Ink splashes my canvas.
Heart filled with sorrow.
Continuously scared of tomorrow.
Hate breeds violence.
Pedophiles violate pure innocence.
Dense prison populace;
Offenders mutate; sinister beings
Released into society.
Greed enslaves nations.
Families procure sustenance
From welfare wells
Running dry.
Gangland savagery; ammunition astray.
Children's souls adjoin Azrael.
Faltered faith; weak, impressionable
Souls for sell.
Demons shatter serenity;
Addicts entrenched in hell.
Beguiled gospel sermonized.
Billion dollar foreign aid;
America's children starve daily.
Bureaucrat's immoral agendas;
Systematic poverty; schools wither away.
Apathetic judgement; nonexistent felon clemency.
Intemperate ego; foolish political pride.
Legislated hypocrisy; news corporation's lies.
Pardoned politicians; revolutionaries crucified.

Ink splashes my canvas
Iniquity blankets society;
Vile snow.

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