Who are we?
Are we who people think we are?
Am I who you think I am?
Am I that awful person?
Is that who I am?
The truth is that I don't know who I am.
The real me is drowning in opinions.
Drowning in a sea of words.

People like me are villains.
Even if we're not.
We are.
We are the people who do evil things.
Not on purpose though.
We just don't see what you feel.
We didn't see that time we made you cry.
But you saw it.
You saw those tears run away from your eyes and off of your face.
And you heard those harsh words spinning around in your head.

We did not mean any harm.
We did not want you to feel any harm.
We don't see things as you.
We just don't understand.
How could it be.
How could I be the one to cause that.
Trying so hard to make everyone happy.
Even though I never was.

I'm know I've hurt many people.
I'm destroying the people I love.
All because someone else destroyed me.

Who am I?
Am I the villain?
Am I the evil you think I am?
Who are we?
Who are we really?
I don't know who I am.
And neither do you.

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