People don't always stop to think about all the others
All these guys only pause to help out another brother
Maybe its time to think about our whole society
All the others matter too, not just you and me

Take a look at her life, this girl is twenty-three
On the outside she looks normal, no different from you and me
Every night she closes her eyes she's afraid of what she'll dream
Having horrible flashbacks to the time during her teens

It was just her birthday, Vanessa was turning twelve
Her mother just sat there watched as her father scream and yell
One day he lifts his hand to smack her right across the face
He does it again and again and again as to keep up with a pace
Although her tears speak louder than her words
No one is listening while her body burns

Although the pain is over, the memory will stay
She feels a little hatred but knows there's another way
Forgiveness in the end surely set her free
Free enough to tell her story, and tell it confidently

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