Vineyard of Endless Love

~ Vineyard of Endless Love~

What is love ?
Having given all out ",
as said : love is all fair and yet war !...
Love is kind and love is giving.
Know other truer fight to give greatest then those heart's that we hold such love for, to ease our own suffering and selfish needs to conquer the demons of our own hearts to be complete and whole once more enter restore order to fade away the dark that only ones heart to another can repair by even a flicker of light held.
Even held by the very touch and our darkest path to warm the very wounds and cut by flesh with shed blood and the same fight of giving yet a heart of such means even if broken and shattered laying like glass and a million pieces", has the same power of only known cure for pain is beauty As It seeps like wine deep within our own veins working hard hearts like chasing after midnight kisses and nights dreams by staying up on Ecstasy of flooded teardrops bottled up of the thoughts adrift at sea. we give and take letting it take over us!, breaking our bones in the process of the very act to fight in pulsating hearts very wine takes over that breath we try to catch watching our bones turn to dust fading in a cloud forming in the sun lit sky of another day to make memories and chase after another's heart to be held .

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