Viola White

Viola White

Viola White is so much more than what they might think
Viola White is a girl who lives down 16th street .

She is the one I met a year ago
Standing under the dull yellow umbrella ,
She told me the words I've never heard before
The ones I badly needed to hear .

Viola and I never spoke
yet we had conversations as long as Nile,

Viola and I never touched
yet I vividly remember the touch of her soft skin ,

Viola and I never kissed
yet I can still feel her delicate lips on my skin .

Now sitting in this confined white room
I write my final message to Viola .

These strange men , they laugh and say
that you're just a delusion , a fragment of my hallucination.

No! I refuse to believe that ,
If you were not real then
how is it that your touch still lingers over my every vein ?
Your words still echo between
the walls of my empty apartment ?

I would never ,oh sweet Viola !
I would never give up to these white walls ,
these medicines , the cruel brainwash , the isolation .

I would fight till my last breath
and rather be a madman , a lover , a poet
making you my poetry .

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