My playful age that summer's rage,
you took me away and touched my shape.
I miss my family, can you please leave me,
I cried and cried but no one heard me.
you raped me off and threw me off,
and left my body in a cruel state.
Did my religion trouble you?
Did my color tremble you?
Whom should I blame now,please tell !
Society,Humanity,Religion,Creed! My soul yell !
yet,yet violate in our nation and a second woman,
chuckles the future gazing at this.
never will anyone believe any human
and never will history disregard this.
Hey, yes you! you readers and writers,
wrap it up,fold it up,throw it off,now
It's time to voice and stand like the roaring fighters,
No, absolutely not,we will never ever bow.
I need a solid answer,yes a solid one answer to my unfigured body.
And then let me Rest In Peace, dark- day cloudy.

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