Silence is the only language I know how to speak fluently.
It rolls of the tip of my tongue like the way my partner’s kiss leaves mine leaving me feeling alone and abandoned.
Its arms wrap me up tightly, its fingers laced around my neck choking me until the lack of air kills me.
It stands above me in a crowd, watching me, following me, learning about me, while I know nothing of it
As if It is merely a cloud that hangs over my head ready to pour,
But today I left my house without a raincoat.
Silence is the only friend I’ve ever known, it shares with me the single hot cup of tea in the empty room that was my heart.
Its scent is calming yet frightening, terrifying me of what It might do to me when I am not watching over my shoulder.
Silence is the unpredictability that I hate about life, the way Its hands close tightly around my lips when I see someone I know I shouldn’t see alone,
It grabs me by the wrist so hard there’s bruises for a week,
It pulls me along like a dog on a leash,
And like a dog,
I obey.
Silence watches me – it quiets me when I need to be loud,
It hushes me when I know the truth, so It promises me the lie of comfort by saying nothing.
Silence forces me to my knees when I don’t know any better,
Puts a gag in my mouth to kill me.
But no one else sees Silence but me,
And for this reason,
It’s why silence gets away with the murder of Its victims,
That everyone else calls

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I got a new tattoo today, personalized but follows the semi colon project. In loving memory to my dad, who died by suicide in March of 2009, when I was nine years old.