Violent Kiss

Violent Kiss
My hands wrapped around your throat
Your knife embedded in my chest
My gun shoved in your mouth
Your nails digging into my flesh
My blood on your tongue
Your skin in my teeth
I wouldn't want our love any other way than violent, rough, vicious, wild
You scream
I cry
You punch
I kick
Our house up in flames, you drag me back in
The fire ignited between us scorch our bodies more than any human-made fire ever could
I'll stay with you forever
In this wreck we could never call love
My kiss is suffocating in the smoke
Your touch is poison in my veins
You're my obsession
I'm your possession
Our love is toxic, destructive,
Pull me closer, dear
Kiss me violently
Draw blood from my lips to overflow in your mouth
I hope you choke

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